Patients' Tumor Bank of Hope

PATH Biobank is a non-profit biobank in Germany organized as a foundation under public law. PATH was founded by breast cancer survivors and is intended for the sole purpose of supporting breast cancer research. PATH stores breast cancer tumour tissue, matching normal adjacent tissue samples and blood serum aliquots in fresh-frozen quality from more than 12,000 breast cancer patients. These are processed according to strict SOPs, every patient has signed informed consent and detailed clinical and therapeutic datasets annotate the samples. All molecular subtypes are available. Follow-up information is available for the majority of patients.

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Biological samples in storage

 PATH Biobank contains breast cancer specimens from more than 12,000 patients.

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PATH supports breast cancer research both in academic and industrial groups. We encourage researchers to contact us at an early stage of a project. This way, collectives can be carefully chosen to fit into the planned project. PATH asks researchers for a written abstract of the planned project including a biostatistical estimation of the required sample size. We also ask research groups to contribute to the cost recovery of our work.

PATH's sample source sites

PATH has six sample source sites in Germany. PATH cooperates with multiple hospitals, all of which are certified breast cancer centres.

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